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8 Hot Wings $4.99 @ Texas Chicken


Online Exclusive.

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Texas Chicken
Texas Chicken

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    but it's not chicken wing day? hmm


    The discount message is incorrect.


    Its correct


    Thanks. Ordered 8 wings from KFC WiFi :-P BTW I believe they always have at least 30 minutes lead time for online orders.


      Which was a weird experience. I figured that by moving it to online orders they could better manage demand and wait times. But not so much at least on Sunday. So ordered at ~7:14 for pickup at 7:45. Got there at 7:41, a bunch of people but didn't look like there was an order waiting for me and I wanted to check out a nearby shop. Came back at 7:44 and didn't look like they were preparing my order or anything so asked. There seemed to be a semi-panic when I told them, and they asked me what I ordered, I think they expected it to be wings. Then went to tell the manager. Eventually came back and told me to wait.

      In the meantime I hear them telling someone ordering in store they were out, sounded like they were referring to wings and looking at their chicken sure enough realised there were no wings. A long while later the manager comes out and says they there was a problem with their system or something and they had put chicken in the defroster and could I have a seat. Finally a while later the manager comes and sees me and tells me she's not sure why they kept accepting orders and it would take a very long time (as I also figures when she told me she'd just put it in the defroster) and she offered me 8 spicy tenders instead. I accepted.

      I wonder whether they really could not set wings out of stock on their online order system or they just don't know how. Seems a major flaw if they couldn't. I also provided a valid mobile number and it was 30 minute lead time, so no idea why they didn't either call me or at least figure out what to do before I arrived. Maybe they turned off their online ordering system and assumed that disabled it but it didn't. Or it did but I got in just in the nick of time. Or something went wrong. (When I first tried I only seems to see the catering menu, but it was on my phone and I may have confused myself.)

      Also not sure why even if they were dealing with it on the spot, it took so long to offer me an alternative since seemed obvious getting me to wait for the wings to defrost and cook was never going to work. And I suspect most people will be fine with 8 tenders or 8 pieces of chicken instead of 8 wings. Maybe the manager was in a state of panic as she was still getting orders so trying to resolve the wider problem, expected her to tell staff to give me something else.

      I guess maybe the owner is a real hard case. Alternatively, maybe they were thinking of offering me spicy chicken but that was being cooked and they decided to just offer me tenders. In any case, despite the long time, I was happy with the resolution so no complaints.

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