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Extend Your Amazon Prime Free Trial for 30 Days (Total 60 Days) @ Amazon


I discovered this independently and I'm fleshing it out with details from this OzBargain post and other sites.

If you are on a 30 day Amazon Prime free trial and wait until ~ 3 days before your trial is due to end, a lot of people have been offered the opportunity to extend it for 30 days. In my case I simply had to visit the manage your Prime membership page and there was an intab popup offering me a 30 day extension. I didn't accepted straight away and when I go to it now, the extension offer is still there about on the middle of that page.

Alternatively if this doesn't work for you, try going through the cancellation process and when you get part way through you may be offered a 30 day extension. The cancellation process seems to be designed to offer you something since it's a 2 part process. On the cancellation page, you first click 'End My Benefits' or something similar and they then have another page where they offer you something to keep it.

If you get to the second page of the cancellation process and still no offer, stop, go back to the membership page and try changing to an annual subscription and see if that works.

Unless you plan on keeping Prime, and the advantages in NZ are currently limited, remember to cancel before your extension ends, so you are not charged. (If you signed up for Prime on Prime day your trial is likely about to end.) That said, if you forget to, provided you haven't used your benefits you may be refunded the fee. This says it should be automatic but if you have nothing after ~7 days, you can try asking customer service.

As mentioned in the earlier thread, the general suggestion is you can receive a trial every 12 months. I'm not sure how using this extension may affect that nor whether it's offered with every trial or only once.

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    It asks me to pay $1.99 to extend for 7 days.

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      Same here.

      EDIT: Saw a comment on the Ozbargains post about the offer only being available to people on the yearly payment option. I'd switched to the monthly option, so tried switching back before cancelling - got the extend trial modal straight after the change.


        Great, thanks for that. It worked for me as well.


          Interesting. For me, I was/am on the monthly and got it without even having to start to cancel as mentioned. Was wondering if they were desperate to keep me because I'm in NZ and no one bothers with Prime in NZ, but guess this wasn't. Maybe it's because I don't use Amazon much or something else.

          Did read about the annual thing on OzBargain, didn't mention it because wasn't sure if it was still useful but updated the main post now that you've confirmed it is.


    No popup but when I went to cancel my Prime membership (which expires 14/8/19 which is tomorrow in the US) it offered me another 30 days free. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Can someone please explain to me what the benefits are for Amazon Prime membership in NZ? Thanks!


      I'm also interested to know this ^


      Very less I guess, if you want to get something delivered from Youshop, then you don't need to pay for shipping may be one thing.
      And you get like small discounts like 5-10% off some time because of Prime.


        If you already have Prime perhaps from the free trial and visit the above link there should be a scrolling list of the benefits 'Your Prime Membership Benefits'. IMO worth exploring. In my opinion Amazon Prime isn't worth it for most in NZ. I have heard of people on Geekzone who use reshippers a lot who subscribe but likely only a tiny number of people. Still, the free trial (or if you can't get that a cheap 7 day subscription) may be worth it for Prime Day is there's a good deal.

        Amazon also have some Prime only deals even outside Prime Day but they're not generally as good and they may be stuff you wouldn't buy from Amazon in NZs. Although if you purchase digital content, maybe some of those deals may be of interest, I don't so never looked.

        You should also get Amazon Prime Video . If you just want Amazon Prime Video there are better subscription options, but if you already have Prime for whatever reason e.g. a free trial it may be worth checking out. It seems to work for me, at least for the one random series I tried.

        Note that I think I am being offered the US content or at least the US content allowed in NZ (it says watch while abroad). Amazon seems to think I'm from the US perhaps because I'm on a free trial so they didn't charge my credit card for my membership. Not sure why, I'm just using a regular NZ ISP, no VPN etc. My default address is NZ and although I have shipped to the US before, most of my orders were NZ including my most recent ones. If I try to use the site, it asks me to confirm my location either the US or NZ with US the current set location. I assume this will give me access to all content available in NZ.

        I suspect at least on a free trial, fooling around with shipping addresses and VPNs will ensure you can watch all US content. If you already have a Prime Video subscription, may be worth seeing if you can put that on hold for the 60 days of your free trial. For a monthly subscription I guess you can just cancel it then resubscribe when your trial runs out. (Not sure if Amazon automatically does this if you use the same account.)

        I'm fairly sure the above means you also get Twitch Prime including one free channel subscription every month and the free loot although I haven't tried this myself.

        Amazon First Reads also works for me . This means I got to choose one pre-release 'editor's pick' title from a list of about 5 every month for free. To be clear, this counts as a 'purchase' meaning you own the title so I'm fairly sure you get to keep it forever on your Amazon account. I thought this was US only (well maybe Australia and the UK), maybe this is related to above and I'm not sure what will happen if I change my location to NZ in Prime Video.

        Prime Reading also seems to work for me is a bunch of books in a library changing every so often, don't confuse this with Kindle Unlimited which is far more extensive. You get to borrow up to 10 at a time. (Borrow meaning you don't keep these, I assume once your Prime ends you lose the book. You do however get to keep them if they rotate out and you still have Prime and haven't returned them.) Again I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be US only but it worked for me.

        You may also be able to access Amazon Prime Music although I haven't tried it myself since it wants me to confirm some details. Note Amazon Prime Music with 2 million tracks is not the same thing as Amazon Music Unlimited with 50 million, they may try to upsell you with a 30 day free trial to Unlimited so take care you don't unless you want to. As per above, I suspect on a free trial at least, you should be able to fool around with VPNs and delivery addresses to get access if it doesn't work by default.

        Audible Channels also seems to work for me. Basically podcasts, comedy sketches etc. I believe this is similar to Prime Videos and Prime Reading i.e. you only have access as long as you have Prime although weirdly if I use the website instead of the app it shows them like purchases. I guess this is just a UI flaw. (I don't have Audible membership or any free credits.)

        Amazon Photos also offer free unlimited photo storage if you don't have that from somewhere else. Not of interest if you're only on a trial you're not planning to keep.

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