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Griffin Reserve 2600mAh Portable Power Bank $4.97 @ Noel Leeming


Cheapest price ever been according to Pricespy.
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    Sold out online, call store to see if any stock


    Store has them at $19.99 still

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    Very low power - wouldnt even fully charge an average phone 1 time from full. Yes its cheap and might give you a little bit - but way better to buy something bigger - I have seen 10000 mAH for $15 - which is 3x the power.


      And probably 3x heavier.

      If you're wanting to charge a phone multiple times then yes you'll need a different product. I have something larger for just that purpose.

      But there are plenty of use cases for something smaller, lighter, and additionally so cheap that it doesn't matter if it gets lost or stolen.

      I've bought one - great deal.


        According to Amazon the 9000 mAh Griffin weighs 10grams more. I can handle that.


          Good for you. And I'll enjoy my smaller cheaper one.


            @DisabledUser3069: And you have to carry around a charger with you because the power bank will always been out of juice when you need it.


              @Zyo: I don't have to carry around chargers or power banks with me anywhere. My phone just gets charged at home every 2 days and virtually never with a power bank.

              You're arguing a silly point. Meridian said better to wait to buy something bigger, I said for some yes, but others don't always need bigger. This product has a valid place. Charging phones to 100% from empty probably isn't it.

              I already have a bigger one. I actually want a smaller lighter one for a different purpose. Geeze some people can't get through their heads that other people do things differently to them.


    Seems like to be 1x 18650 cell inside that's rated at 2600mAH capacity - probably an unbranded one. It most likely wont have the rated capacity. If you vape, you can tear this apart and get yourself a cheap $5 18650 low discharge cell

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    Piss all product. Phones these days come with 4000mAh batteries.


      Oh ffs buy a bigger charger if you need a bigger charger. It'll be heavier and also more expensive.

      Phones aren't the only things that can be charged you know. This is perfect for charging smaller devices like a garmin running watch.


      Lots of people don't need a full charge. They only need emergency charges. Therefore this product suits them - 2600mAH is quite a bit more than an emergency charge as well - so bonus!

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