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King Box of Fries (Fry-Day) $2.00 via App @ Burger King


King Box of Fries (Fry-Day) $2.00 via App at Burgerking.

Going by the sounds of others cheapies experience's who knows what you'll get in your King of Box Fries? Maybe a Sundae, a Whopper or they may even pour a drink in… Your guess is as good as mine.

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    I believe this is the chicken fries + french fries box which usually cost $3.50


    Is it bigger than a large fries?


      I had one yesterday and they literally took a large fries and tipped it into the box.

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        Lol. Funny thing is I'm not sure how many stores knew what it was supposed to be. One store game me the King Box Chicken fries + french fries like The Hound suggested.

        Later at another store they said they didn't have it because they had no idea what it was. I assumed the previous store and The Hound was right and told them I thought it was supposed to be the King Box with chicken fries and fries.

        But then I looked at the coupon to see if it made it clear and realised from the photo that actually I'm pretty sure it's just supposed to be a King Box of fries. I suspect ideally it should be more fries than they would give than with the King Boxes with other stuff like chicken fries. But since stores probably had no idea what to do, I suspect YMMV.


    Wonder if BK are going to have this every week or what