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500GB Block $1 USD (~$1.60 NZD), Monthly Unlimited $3 USD (~$4.65 NZD) @ Usenet Prime


New usenet startup with amazing opening deals just $1.60nzd for a 500gb block which is probably the cheapest you would find to be honest. I brought 2 500gb blocks for myself, setup in sab was a bit a pain, but I eventually figured it out after following the tips on changing your password in their reddit thread (linked below). I just finished downloading a 5gb file which was uploaded 2.5 years ago and was hitting speeds of 10m/s which is pretty astonishing really! :o Keep in mind this is on an old 2011 laptop with a 2.4ghz wifi adapter so people with better setups than me should extract much better speeds? So yeah off to a really good start!

They also take PayPal so your protected as-well.


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    Thanks, thought they had run out of blocks and I'd missed out! Can confirm password setup is convoluted, just in case anyone doesn't have time to find it in the Reddit thread, you have to change your password after creating the account in order to use it. There are two passwords, one for the website and one for the service, the one you have to change is in products & services, change then wait 5 minutes and you should be good.

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    Shh, The first rule of Usenet is: You do not talk about Usenet. From the thread, they're reselling UsenetExpress.

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      Seriously I wish I could up vote this comment 1000x. Noobs who can't keep their mouth shut ruin it for everyone.


    Bought a block on a US prepaid card I had that had just over $1 left on it, looks like retention should be 1100+ days.
    Assuming all is good, might buy a few spare blocks.


    Can anyone explain what Usenet is.. for?


    I download my Linux iso's from a private tracker.
    For those that have made the switch to Usenet, is it worth it?
    Asking for a friend…


      If you just want hollywood tv any movies, it's way better at automation than torrents, and you don't have to worry about seeding, also no chance of ISP's catching you, even if you're not going to automate I'd say it's on par with the best private trackers for that stuff. If you are looking for anything old old or obscure it's a lot worse, you can really only count on it for Hollywood movies and TV.


    what client do you use?

    e: oh I see

    e2: SAB is a web app? I have no idea how to search and stuff


      You would normally use a suite of programs to automate it. One program that keeps record of what you already have and what you want that keeps an eye out for new uploads. Another which handles the downloads and then hands it back to either the first program or another one for it then to be renamed, moved, unzipped. Etc and then added to a library such as Plex.

      It's all generally installed locally on a Raspberry Pi or HTPC and accessed via local browser. If you Google Usenet automation there should be plenty of easy to digest information out there.

      To me. Usenet is a bit of an old school method but is generally the most dependable where you not relying on seeders or maintaining a ratio for example.