expired [Switch] Free Games from QubicGames: Robonauts & Geki Yaba Runner (Requires Newsletter Signup & US eShop Account)


To celebrate 1 million in sales, QubicGames are giving away free codes to Robonauts (requires US eShop account to redeem). Just sign up to their newsletter, and the code will be sent within 48 hours. (Codes are being sent out manually, so be patient! Instructions for creating a US eShop account will also be included with the code, apparently.)

Plus, anyone who owns a game from QubicGames (including the Robonauts freebie) will also receive a copy of their new game, Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition, for free when it is released on May 31!

Once you add the game to the US account, it will show up in your NZ account (or whatever region you are).

via caprimulgus on OzBargain

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