expired EVGA GeForce GTX1060 OC Version 3GB - $247 (Normally $309) @ PB Tech


EVGA GeForce GTX1060 OC Version 3GB GDDR5, GPU Upto 1835 MHz, Single Fan, 2 Slot, DVI+HDMI+ 3xDisplay Port, 6 Pin, 173mm Length, Max 4 Display

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    Currently rocking a GTX660, can anyone good with computers recommend this card? Is it much of an improvement for the price? My current one is getting old i know haha


      Looks to be about twice as powerful as the 660, best bang for the buck GPU at the moment. Very good for its price.
      In terms of specs for Nvidia the next step up is the 1660, once step below this 1060 is the 1650. Neither are worth the gains/losses in terms of price in NZ at the moment.
      For AMD the closest to this 1060 is the RX 580; however similarly it is not worth the extra cost in NZ either.
      Basically this is the best sub $300 GPU you'll be able to get in NZ, most likely the lowest price ever for the 1060.


      This site is excellent for a quick comparison overview


      RX 570 is currently the best in terms of price to performance I believe and a good alternative.


      Either card would be good for 1080p gaming.

      In terms of futureproofing newer games require 3+ GB vram (especially 4k) and this is set to increase so if that is a factor you may want to go for a card with more vram


      I managed to pick up a 2nd hand RX580 last week for $130 (Not a ex-mining card I'm told), so depends on the budget. If I was buying new, I would probably go for a GPU with 6-8GB memory just for longevity.
      My last GPU was a GTX480.


    Waiting on a nice deal for a 2060


      i saw them down to $589 2 weeks ago.

      I am looking for a second hand 1080TI which occasionally go for $700-800 2nd hand - but will likely end up getting a new rtx2070 when they hit $800.


        My waiting was not very long.. ended up just pulling the trigger on a new Vega64 for $599 inc shipping (TM).

        Depending on how Navi is ill flick it off then :D


          How do you find that? i have seen a few vega 64s for good price but have read differing reports on their performance vs even the 2060, they produce a lot of heat and the benchmarks for premiere and resolve werent great… but later reviews seem to suggest they might have got a bump with driver updates and i like the option of making a hackintosh that always seems to work better with AMD gpus.


            @Xeulifer: Picked it up on TM.

            Was one of the ASUS ones that runs much cooler/quieter with 3 fans instead of the default blower style. Also much more Memory than the 2060.

            Has all the lovely RGB lighting too :P


    Only the 3gb model… Boo!

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    Price back up to $309

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