Ninebot Segway ES4 Electric Scooter $809.10 Delivered @ Bike Barn


Original pre-order price is $899 same as Pbtech and Mi-store, however if you have AA Membership Card, you get additional 10% discount, you only pay $809.1
You can pickup in store OR free shipping option is available

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    I have one of these, they are actually very very good. They do not have disc brakes, but the powered brake works well except for steep hills. Also, it's not mentioned, but these have LEDs that you can change the colour of via the App underneath the baseplate. Super useful if you've got more than one and can't remember which is which. Also helps illuminate at night so that cars can't miss you.


      How well do they go up hill?


      Is it actually small and easy to move when folded? I had a Xiaomi M365, slightly lighter but was very awkward to carry and it didn't fit under the seats on the Wellington trains. This looks less bulky so might fold down smaller.


    How much better are these compared to the Xiaomi scooter? And for this price, would it be better to buy an ebike at around $1000? I've seen a lot of ebike deals around that price range. You get more power/speed/range. I guess it depends if you're commuting on a hilly basis or not….


    I bought ninebot es4 $720 with 20% off at bike barn store. I think this is a good deal.


      How did you get 20% off?
      Did you mean you bought ES2 for $720?


        I tried to buy a 10% discount on aa membership, but now I was able to buy an electric scooter with a 20% discount and a 20% discount instead of aa membership discount. Exactly es4 not es2.

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