This was posted 10 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Milazo Electric Bike MTB Bike-in-a-Box 335 $1299 Including Delivery (Online Only) @ The Warehouse


Milazo Electric Bike MTB Bike-in-a-Box 335

This only came out a couple of months ago at $1499. I thought it was a pretty good buy at that time as the cheapest mountain bike style e-bike I could find was from the Clearance Shed at $1899 (later with a $250 gift card). Now at $1299 (less if you have a Warehouse Visa (red) and get 5% off) it's even better value.

While the specs aren't top of the line, you're not paying an arm and a leg for this either.


Display: Easy to read LED
Saddle: Padded and suspension comfort seat
Gears: Shimano: 8 Speed, M310 shifter, rear derailleur
Battery: 36V 11.6AH Samsung cells, 3-hour recharge
Full charge distance: Estimated 70km
Suspension Fork: Comfortable suntour XCT
Motor: Mid Drive 36V 250W
Motor Assist: Up to 25km/hr
Wheels: 27.5in Light alloy double wall rims.
Brakes: Front disc brake
Frame: Light construction alloy. Aluminium 6061

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    I'm only posting this because Im really tempted to buy it but I don't need it and by posting it here it I'm hoping it will sell out before I give in and buy it.


      I'm only reading the comments because I hope someone has bought one and commented on how good it is…


    About the same price as my electric longboard lol


    So , given ebikes typically retail for around 3k-5k, why is this not a piece of junk?


      I'd say 3-5k covers healthy margin, aftermarket support, ongoing tech development and prior development. (+ Quality control and possibly higher Labour costs than a cheaper Chinese company)

      The actual raw cost of the bike and the electric parts are going to be a whole lot less.

      Not saying this isn't junk though.


      Hard to say without a close examination of the bike and specs and I'm no expert. e-bikes are touted to fall in price big time in 1-2 years once they become a commodity.

      From what I can see, the mountain bike specs are similar to what you get with a $400-$500 mountain bike. The rest of the money therefore is for the electrics.

      It is a mid-hub drive though which are not normally seen on cheaper bikes (rear or front wheel hub drives are cheaper to make) but the fact that you HAVE to pedal and the motor assist is only to 25km/hr makes me believe the motor is not as powerful as the $5k bikes. I'd say the battery capacity could be lower too.

      I would say it's comparable to a $2-$2.5k e-bike but with the added bonus that this is a mountain bike and can be used for light trail rides - most bikes in the $2k range are for around town only.

      Perhaps someone else would like to add their two cents?


        I'm pretty dubious about cheap e-bikes, and recently bought an expensive one for my wife. This doesn't look truly terrible, the fork, gears and battery are reputable brands, the mid-drive motor looks like a bafang (a reputable brand) but I can't be sure. That's the real question - how long will the motor last? If it's not a reputable brand with parts available, when it fails you are left with an extremely heavy regular bike.

        That said - I'd be very wary about trusting a Warehouse bike as my daily ride, and ebikes take a bit of extra wear and tear because of the weight and the motor strain on the components.

        If you're looking for a terrible e-bike, the ones promoted by Container Door look awful.


    Agree with those points and you get what you pay for but i bike to work and don't have room to store my bike inside. I'm not keen to have a $5k bike chained to a lamppost outside. $1299 I can live with.

    At that price, if I get 2 years use I would be happy I guess. It's a stop gap by that time prices will have fallen even more.

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