expired Free $10 Christmas Club Credit upon Joining @ Pak N Save


Join the PAK'nSAVE Christmas Club before Sunday 24 Feb 2019 to receive a $10 Christmas Club credit on your account.
DO NOT have to put in any money , just pick up a card and register and put away and in Dec you have $10 credit + interest from through the year
can join all the family and have multiple cards
free money if your patient

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    really, unlike New World, I have to put minimum of $5 to start the card with …i will grab 10 cards…..and free $100 thank you


    Online application only available for Lower North Island?


    North island only :(


    This promotion seems to be North Island only. Unlike with the New World one, it's clearer in the T&C:

    Everyone who joins the PAK’nSAVE North Island Christmas Club between 28 January 2019 and 24 February 2019 is eligible to be allocated $10 Christmas Club Credit ($10 Credit) to be used from 1 December 2019.

    (The New World one only mentioned North Island Christmas Club in the intro not in the T&C proper.) Also the advertisement on this page https://www.paknsave.co.nz/paknsave/christmas-club/ says North Island only (in the North Island, you simply won't see it from the South Island).

    Anyway is it confirmed that you can receive a card without paying $5 in the upper North Island? Or for that matter, does receiving a card and registering on their website mean you've joined the Christmas Club if you don't add $5 in the upper North Island?

    This page for the upper North Island https://www.paknsavechristmas.co.nz/ (nb I'm not sure whether you'll end up in the right page if it geolocates you to the lower North Island or South Island) says:

    The Christmas Club Year commences on the 1st of December each year and concludes on 30th November of the following year. You can join the scheme anytime during this period by simply depositing at least $5 in your CC account at any PAK'nSAVE store, or by setting up a direct debit or automatic payment.

    Note that the T&C for the promotion do say:

    Additional terms and conditions relating to Christmas Club apply

    So if you can't receive a card, or haven't joined the Christmas Club unless you actually top up the $5 minimum, they're covered.

    Lower North Island you may be okay. This page which is for lower North Island customers https://thor.transactortech.co.nz/Foodstuffs-Customer/ doesn't say anything about needing to add money, nor does the application form. (It's basically the same thing as New World.) While they do mention on the main website $5 is the minimum topup, they don't seem to mention anywhere you need to topup to join. Actually this:

    Membership is gained through filling in an application form at any Pak'n Save store in the Lower North Island. Membership is established when you receive your membership card by post. Members agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as varied from time to time.

    Would seem to suggest you have joined once you receive your card.


    Auckland stores are participating?


      Must be. Whether you have to pay $5 or not, I don't know.


        does it mean i have to top up $5 like New World Christmas Club, otherwise i don't get my $10 ? please advise thank you, if this is the case, i won't be bothered wasting my time grabbing so many cards and then doesn't work…..

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    last year i registered a card and left in my draw till Dec 1st , put no money in at all
    After Dec 1st took to supermarket and had $10 + Interest (0.80c or something) to spend
    so this year hopefully the same


    Whangarei isn't North Island?


    Both worked last year but did only one card for each shop


    Christchurch - Riccarton PAK’nSAVE does not have this offer.


    My experiences at the following:

    1) Mt. Albert, the customer service only allows me to take one card without putting money in the card. She insisted I put money in each card if I want more cards.

    2) Westgate, they are running a promotion today with a desk set up outside. The lady told me, I just have to sign up and I'll get $10 later this year. That's what I did, signed up for 2 people and was given the cards, without having to put money in the cards.

    3) Lincoln Road (Henderson), I took some cards on display from the customer service desk (was unmanned when I was there).

    There were posters all over about this $10 offer.


    So I can't do this online I have to physically go to the store?

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