This was posted 6 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Hampton & Mason Non-Stick Frying Pan $10.00 (Was $60) + Free Shipping & 30 - 60% off Storewide @ Briscoes


Hampton & Mason Non-Stick Frying Pan $10.00 from $60 as well as %30 - %60 off store wide.

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    this same brand pan is a little larger and was usually more expensive but is also $10 atm

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    I've had a few of these pans over the years.

    Definitely not worth the RRP (nor have I ever paid that much for them).

    Usually pick them up when Briscoes have them for $10-15. They last about 6 months before losing their non stick-ness.


    Good time to pick up duvets, pillows and towels

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    I also gas this frypan (bought at $14.99) last year. I don't mind that it lost the non stickiness after a while. However, the centre of the pan curves up, away from the stovetop. I will not buy this kind of frypans again. Will choose ones with a very thick and heavy base, to avoid this problem.


      Yeah, and if you have a glass/ceramic cooktop then all you can do is throw the pan away. They're hopeless.

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      Thick heavy bases aren't always needed. I got a set of t-fal hard anodized non stick pots and pans and still going strong after a couple years. They have quite thin bases.

      The trick as always with nonstick and thin pans is DON'T overheat them, medium heat is what you will use for 80% of your cooking anyways. High heat will ruin the surface and also cause the cupping you experience. If you need to sear something at high heat, use cast iron or a stainless steel pan.

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      This exactly^
      Had to hammer mine back to shape, biffed it after a year or so. 10 buk tho!

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        Just use for low heat, eggs pancakes etc they last for years. If your doing steak buy a better one.

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        Oh you beauty! The comments in here are gold.

        Got one of the ten dollar pans few years ago but don't use it much as the middle had popped ever so slightly downwards, so it never really sat flat which seems opposite of wildeny's post above.

        Sometimes I need the bleedin' obvious pointed out to me. Just went and got my hammer and straightened the b**tard out. Thanks seniormouse!

        (Usually use my higher end Tefal ones, well as high end as they go in Briscoes, but occasionally I feel like a change.)

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