Best Pre-Order Bonus for The New Huawei Mate 20 Pro Smartphone

Hey all, was thinking about buying this new phone, with all retailers offering different free bonuses for ordering having one master list would be quite helpful -

PB Tech - Free Bose QC35 II headphones and wireless chargepad ($708 retail/~$400 resale value)

JB Hifi - Free Huawei Free Buds and wireless chargepad ($378 retail/~$200 resale value)

Noel Leeming - $77 off retail, JBL Wireless Headphones, Joby Mobile Stand, wireless chargepad ($500+ retail/~300 resale value)

Harvey Norman - HP Sproket Printer and wireless chargepad ($328 retail/~$150 resale value)

Vodafone, 2 Degrees and Spark have just the wireless chargepad as a pre order bonus.

Off this research, PB Tech would be the best place to buy, but to be honest I am disappointed with these, the Note 9 pre-order bonuses were all 500-1000. Currently you can get a Samsung S9/S9+ or Note 9 and get a free smart TV worth $1499 with 2 Deg! that's worth more than the S9, with a resale value of around $500! With Spark if you go on a 24 month contract you get $500 off which is also a great deal.



    Which one did you end up going with?

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      Choose to wait, on the 9th when its out there should be some new promos. These weren't appetizing enough, the Note 9 launched with bundles that had about 900$ worth of kit. So hoping for something similar here.


        Normally with Huawei only preorder bonus. They disappear launch day.


          right now they are all sold out anyway, im hoping when they restock or something they'll have some new extras, as the galaxy phones went through their lifecycle there were all sorts of freebies, they had a 43inch samsung smart TV at one point


    Hi there, how do you get the Bose headset with the PbTech deal? cheers

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