Free Cheeseburger, Fries & Drink @ Carl's Jr (Dependant on CS: GO Gameplay Results)


Confirmed free chips and drink (worth $5) now available at Carl’s Jr till end of day Friday. (Thanks Nil Einne)
No minimum purchase but if you want to buy a hamburger for $3 that will give you a good value combo!
Just mention the CS:GO deal when ordering.
Games are Thursday night and the results determine what offer is activated. So keep an eye on this page same time next week. Let’s hope we get to have free cheeseburgers next week!
More Details about offer on deal link

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    Was there anything last week? I checked the old broadcast on Twitch and there was definitely no free cheeseburger but harder to be sure for the others although I would have expected them to mention it at the closing part which they didn't but could be just poor promotional skills I guess …..

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    Ace i.e. Free chips and fries have just been won/unlocked


      Free Small Fries & Drink?
      Thanks for watching and letting us know


        Yes. Also Flawless Victory is out for today, last match is now 8-1. Not sure what happens if Knife Expert is also achieved but no free cheeseburger for today/tomorrow.


    How do we redeem the free fries and drink?


    It’s only free fries and a drink - just picked up from Henderson :) Thanks OP


    I tried my local Highland Park Carls Jnr, showed the shift leader the FB post and she said she didn't know about it and to 'wait for her manager to confirm…'. Didn't bother with that so left. Not gonna create a hassle. There's also a number of comments on their FB page stating miscommunication between the stores so… not sure about that.

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