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3 Months Weekend and Evening Parking in Wellington $49 @ Parkmate


Similar to the Auckland deal posted recently, you can get 3 months of evening and weekend parking in Wellington for $49. You'll need to download the Parkmate app then follow the instructions below. Only valid for 48 hours.

To purchase this bundle, on the home screen under "SELECT YOUR CARPARK" choose list view, scroll down to REGIONS and choose Bundles. From there, select: WP01 - WLG NIGHTS & WEEKENDS OFFER, WLG

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    It isn't free. Do you have to pay $49?


    Perfect, thanks OP.


    With the parking can i park all day every weekend for 3 months in one of the carparks or is it a 2hr limit?


      Says unlimited parking nights + weekends for three months. Only at parks that support ParkMate though, also excludes 4 waterfront parks:

      Offer available for purchase for 48 hrs from the time of email delivery only

      *This bundle offer is not transferable or redeemable for, or to anything or anyone, other than its intended recipient and purpose.

      *Available parking times
      *Week nights - between 5 pm and 4 am - expiry at 8 am
      *Weekends - from 5 pm Fri and 4 am Mon - expiry at 8 am Mon

      *Car Parks not available on the $49 Super-pass
      *P343 - Wellington Waterfront
      *P312 - Wellington Waterfront
      *P63 - Wellington Waterfront
      *P18 - Wellington Waterfront
      *And all other sites where ParkMate is unavailable


    The app sign up/login process is failing for me. Doesn't instill much confidence in the app.


    Finally able to create an account but i don't see WP01 - WLG NIGHTS & WEEKENDS OFFER, WLG listed under regions and there is no bundles option i can find.

    I can see

    WLG - CBD
    WLG - Mt Victoria

    Etc …

    But no bundles.

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