Phone Deal Help? - Huawei P20 Pro / OnePlus 6?

Looking to buy a new phone, was looking Huawei P20 Pro 128gb $1040 on ShopEasy site / OnePlus 6 128gb $909 @Supero site.

Just want to know is there any better deal around or should I wait?

Ex: Noel Leeming
Friends&family cost+7.5%?
Price match 5% + flybuys?
Gift card 250 over $899?

Or warehouse stationery?




    Wait for OnePlus 6T


      Any idea what would the price range for 6T? That would be likely around Nov and 3 months away right


        about 3 months awway yeah, and about the same cost as the OnePlus 6, so around $1099, recommend you wait as the T release is usually a big step up from the previous, if you can't wait then I would recommend the OnePlus 6 as the P20 glass can break easily, but if you want the best camera go P20.

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