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Countdown Trolley Dash Code Share. Instant Win AA Fuel Discounts and Countdown Rewards Points



Closing Date 27/08/2018


Description AA fuel discounts, countdown onecard points rewards
No. of Prizes 999

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

It seems that the current Countdown trolley dash competition codes can maybe be used multiple times by different people. The code generates a little mini game which enters you for a main prize draw, but also drops frequent AA fuel vouchers and countdown reward points. You do need to input your onecard number and I think it is best if you have also linked your AA rewards and onecard. Can we try sharing a few codes to see if the same code works for different people? You get a code printed on the bottom of your receipt if you make a $20 purchase at Countdown.

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  • I only shop online, and I can't find any code in my online receipt even though the T&Cs say online purchases are eligible as well.

    • The code is in the confirmation banner. If you missed it you can apparently email them and they will send one

  • 8096921100375812318
    8096921100375822318 👍🏽

  • Cheers Mackoy for those codes, they work for me. I assume this means that the codes can be used multiple times. Managed to snag 9c with those codes!

    Looks like the only benefit for catching the produce drops is that you get over 30 then you get into a prize draw of some kind.

    If people are having trouble catching all of the stuff, you can run speedhack by using Cheat Engine to slow the drops: Open Cheat Engine, select the executable of your browser and enabling "speedhack" and set the amount to a lower number e.g. 0.1 which will slow down the speed of the drops to 10%

  • Thanks so much for those codes. With those 4 plus extra plays for sharing on Facebook I managed to grab 24c in total to add to the 6c I already had on my card. As an added bonus today is a 10c discount day and I have an almost empty tank so a fill is in order tonight!

  • 809656098BEC7FB645C

  • 8096924306418722198

  • Lol I think they removed fuel discounts from the trolley dash game? Not getting anymore fuel discounts dropping

  • what have people won so far?, how many points? how many cents off?

    • I managed to get up to 84c on my card yesterday (already had 6c before doing this). Had an empty tank so with it being a 10c discount day too I filled up and saved $37!

    • i had S1.18 before playing this game and now i have $2.98 lol so gonna fuel up tonight and play again tomorrow for more fuel discounts and onecard points

    • $2.20/L after incrementing the numbers, cheers Countdown and Kiwical for the $100 free fuel. Didn't want to go higher than that otherwise they might have to give me money as fuel is currently $2.30 in my area!

  • Oh dang, they have caught us. Notice they have removed the fuel icon on the top right, which means no more fuel discounts :(

  • Got $90 worth of countdown vouchers. Helps me alot, many thanks to all.

  • Received an email from Countdown threatening to refer the matter to Police if I continue playing because I'm playing the game 'fraudulently' lol…

    Onecard got cancelled, and aasmartfuel balance was removed.

  • 809636704F0C3D884BF this looks like a new style of code possible harder to crack.

    • Are you sure it's a trolley dash code? The whole thing was meant to end yesterday. Bit late to fix it up on the last day :)

      • yep its the code, but if you play late in the day, all the good stuff are all already gone lol

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