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5g Sample of Cricket Protein Powder $10.57 Delivered @ Grilo


Grilo cricket flour and cricket powder blends are 100% organic and natural. Sustainable, delicious, and unbelievably healthy, our products are packed with protein, all essential amino acids, vitamin B12, iron and more. Get ready to be powered by crickets!

This stuff isn't cheap as you can see here But it sure is healthy

Probably one of the strangest thing you will ever see on cheapies

Thanks dherby for the info Re: shipping cost

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    $3 postage/shipping is AU only. Postage to NZ (Auckland) is min $10.57. So it's a no from me dog

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    According to cricket-farming websites, the average cricket weighs about 0.25 grams. Let's do some maths.
    They're pretty hard to catch, so it'd take a while to catch a random cricket you happened to see in the wild; let's say 8-10 minutes on average, including time wasted chasing crickets you couldn't catch. That's 6-7 crickets per hour — 1.5 grams or so of crickets. Once you factor in grinding up your crickets with a mortar and pestle (which any well-equipped nutter already owns), 5 grams of crickets would take you about four hours of work.
    Clearly, if you're the kind of person who aspires to eat crickets, $10.57 sounds like a goddamn bargain.

    • I respect this

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      yea i don't watch cricket so i prob won't eat it either.

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