expired Discount Day - 10c/Litre off Fuel @ Gull (from 7am 19 April until 12pm 20 April 2018)


As normal/expected, Gull's discount day is this Thursday:

If you need fuel, sit tight, hang fire, hold your horses!
Patience Gull friends. Patience.
From 7am tomorrow Thursday 19 April until 12pm Friday 20 April, we’re offering extra-low pump prices on all fuel type



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    Perfect, fuel in auckland has been a little high for a while.. Mobil usually match as well


    whoah nearly filled up with BP today


    It’s 10 cents


    What will be the discounted price?


    Are they giving out coupons today?


      They did. Except for some special discount days before public holidays (especially if they don't last the normal 7 am to 12 pm next day), they do generally give out coupons. Some stations may run before the end of the discount, so it's worth getting in early. It's also worth asking especially if you aren't getting much. In the past, I've had times when they weren't giving a coupon until I asked.

      Oh and they do have to be staffed locations of course.

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