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3B1 Notebook $0.05, 1B5 Exercise Book $0.25 + More @ Warehouse Stationery


With Back To School style promotions, Warehouse Stationery is doing their usual annual cheap note/exercise/math book discounts.

3B1 Notebook - 5 cents
1B5 Exercise Book - 25 cents
1B8 Exercise Book - 39 cents
1E5 Exercise Book - 49 cents
1I5 Exercise Book - 59 cents

limit of 20 exercise books when purchased in-store (Thanks Slogan)

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Warehouse Stationery

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    Pretty much same prices also at paperplus but its warwick branded if you prefer that brand


    Note: there is a limit of 20 exercise books when purchased in-store; not sure about online purchases.


      Thanks, have updated post. I managed to add 30 to cart to test so I'm guessing they would honour it online, but the shipping doesn't make it worth it.


    If you feel like buying a single 3B1 notebook in store and pay cash, it'll round down to $0 and be free.


      I wonder what the staff would actually do lol.


        If it were Swedish Rounding and cost 4c, they'd probably reject the cash transaction because it couldn't be processed and require an electronic transaction that could be processed.

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      Doesn't 5 round up


        Ofc it does, not everyone is good with math though.


        I knew in the uk it's common for stores to round 5c down, although I only ever noticed countdown over here do it so I did a google search and according to this wiki page

        "In NZ, it is up to the business to decide if they will round 5ยข intervals up or down. The majority of retailers follow government advice and round it down"

        Although, for this to occur you need to be paying via cash (for 10c rounding to occur, as eftpos has no rounding) so Im not sure if they would be able to open/ close till (or whatever the process is to complete transaction) as no money needs to be received. My assumption is it will work, although is it really worth it for 5c item?

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          Coming from a retail background I'm dubious with them saying that the majority round down.

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