Need new TV

So my 3 yr old LG 50" LED tv started flickering badly yesterday, so I have the option of repairing it or buying another one.

It only cost me $500 to buy this and I have been quoted by one repairer $120 just to pick it up and inspect it…. Would it be better to upgrade or repair? Any deals on at the moment?



    Hi. You wont get a 50" LED for that price - certainly not a name brand anyway.
    Whats your budget? Just FYI - Interest free options are quite popular at the moment.
    What do you use the TV for? Any features you think youre missing out on?

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    Check out trademe, I was shocked to see how low the resale value on TVs were.

    Repairs are almost never worth it


      good call, I didn't even think about this (usually I head to trademe for most items!)


    They were pretty popular when I lived in Aus (up to earlier this year), and just like any of the cheaper brands, they have positives and negatives.
    Whirlpool is a pretty good place for reviews on them e.g.
    Youll probably find its similar to buying a Konka (warehouse), or Soniq (JB Hifi). Slightly better in terms of features and inputs, but a lower build and screen quality than the name brands.


    Been quoted $360 to repair my LG 50"… not sure whether to buy new or repair this one

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