Advice getting into Cryptocurrencies

So I've been looking into possibly buying Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, litecoin etc. For those of you that have bought/sold them, how did you go about it and what services did you use? I see in NZ we have a relatively new site call Bitprime which means can trade in NZD using bank transfers, so provides the benefit of being local. However is it better to go through a local or international exchange?



    hey bud,

    I have set up a website to introduce new traders to bitcoin and alt-coin stock exchange trading.

    I am currently a fully independant day-trader, I have reached a point where I can live off the daily profits gained through arbitrage trading alt-coins.
    you don't need much to start, just keep making small trades +5% each time, the bigger your balance the more you gain.
    it feels great having financial freedom and working on my own schedule, life is a holiday.

    best of luck player.


      Hey mate,

      Your SSL certificate is invalid.

      I'll have a look at your site later on.

      As for buying crypto's, I normally use localbitcoins to buy Bitcoin and then transfer it to an exchange: Binance, Bittrex, etc.
      Depending on what you end up with you can use an exchange to convert into USD then deposit into your bank account (normally requires extensive verification) or trade back into Bitcoin and sell on localbitcoins, etc.


    I'm looking to sell a few Ether is there a local exchange in NZ to do so easily?