Dominos New Pizza Menu possibly smaller and more expensive

Just saw this article on stuff

Looks like they have a new menu with 20 new pizzas and sides rolling out over the next few months, and will be getting rid of Chefs Best being replaced by new premium pizzas. They will possibly make the pizzas smaller with higher price. However I guess because each store can have different prices it may depend on the area.


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    We were just discussing this. It's a head scratcher. The quality of the journalism doesn't help either.

    The same changes have already begun rolling out in Aussie, will need to keep an eye on how things go.


    The pricing is so cheap(with coupons) it's still amazing value even if they were 20% smaller. Wasn't a huge fan of the chefs best range so won't miss them.


    Dominoes and Pizza hut are already 10ich pizzas aren't they? so what will they be 8inch?
    Thats what the old 'regular' size at pizza hut used to be (15 years ago when I worked there)