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The Coffee Club - 50% off VIP Club Membership - $12.50 (New and Renewals)


Spotted this earlier, in the REINZ members benefits.

Just a generic code, not aware of the expiry date. Let me know if it's only for news or renewals, I'm assuming both.

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The Coffee Club
The Coffee Club

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  • hey for the buy one coffee get one free thing. Do you have to get the free coffee when you buy the first one? or you can u get a coffee one day and the next time u go get the free one

    • You have to receive them both at the same time, it's in the terms and conditions (section 9a).


    $12.50 per annum for BOGOF coffees seemed like a great deal so I filled out all my details and was just about to hit the buy button when I thought better and read the T&C first.

    T&C #8 mentions that the VIP card is not valid on any takeaway goods. This would seem to exclude takeaway coffees, however the next T&C #9 makes it all a bit ambiguous, explicitly mentioning takeaway exclusion for food, but not mentioning anything either way for coffees. Hence T&C #8 might still apply and exclude takeaway coffees. I give up. Probably still a good deal if you have one nearby at regularly sit-down for coffees/lunches.

    T&C #8:

    VIP Club Card is only valid at The Coffee Club Stores within New Zealand and Australia and is not valid with any other coupons, vouchers, discounts, in-store offers or on any take-away goods, nor can the VIP Club Card be used on public holidays.

    T&C #9:

    The VIP CLUB BENEFITS provided are:
    buy one hot beverage get one free of lesser value, this benefit being valid for the Member only. The free beverage excludes any promotional (limited
    time only) beverage or beverages including liqueur, syrups or added extras and is limited to 2 free beverages per visit, the free beverage to be provided at the time as the provision of the paid beverage.
    the 10% discount benefit applies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to the relevant Member’s total bill, excluding any takeaway goods,
    specials/discounted goods, free beverages given in the buy one beverage get one free benefit; and
    such other VIP Benefits as listed on http://www.thecoffeeclub.co.nz from time to time.

  • this is great value

    my partner has this card and we make use of it all the time

    takeaway and have in

    but watch out , not able to be used on public holidays

  • When I enter the code REINZMEMBER this it's still showing a price of $25 on Step 2 ? Or does this get applied on Step 3 of registration?


    Thanks for clarifying everyone. I'll be ordering one then (even if it is now $25).

  • ok, over on Ozbargain have found an extra $2.50- off so $10- with code LIONSM10
    just tested then and showed the discounted price

  • It asks me for my favourite store.will i be able to use it in all branches or just that favourite store?

  • you can use your card at any store

  • ADHREACT1250 also works (posted on ozbargains last month)

    Tried it out 3 days ago and it works ($12.50 for 12 months VIP membership)

    Was wondering whether to put this up as new post but this post is still showing as current and there's some good discussion on the T&C's so thought I would just add this to the original post.