expired Warehouse Money Credit Card - $50 The Warehouse Gift Voucher After First Spend (Referral Required)


Referral code is required.

I have been using Warehouse Money for a while now. Just a $2,000 limit for small purchases whenever I'm at The Warehouse. I have a payee set up, so when I walk out of the Warehouse, I pay the card and it's done. Easy 5% off!

There is no annual fee.
You always get 5% off purchases.
Sometimes you get an additional 10% off purchases

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Referrer and referree get $50 Warehouse gift card when referee signs up for a new card and spends on the card.

Warehouse Money

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  • OP, can you please clarify the terms of the offer. What store is the $50 voucher for? Is it a giftcard to spend at the Warehouse?


      Know someone who would benefit from a great credit card?

      Tell them about the Warehouse Money Visa Card and if they get one, and spend on their new card, you’ll both get a $50 Gift Card* to spend on anything at The Warehouse. It’s that easy!

      Your friend just needs to enter this unique code when they apply for their card at warehousemoney.co.nz/cards:


        Thanks rkl.

        Are there any further terms and conditions or is that all it is?

      • Ok thanks. This referral program is now in the referral system. Users can add their own referral code https://www.cheapies.nz/user/XXX/edit/referrals where XXX is your userid.


        *Receive a $50 Gift Card when your friend has been approved and your friend will also receive a $50 Gift Card when they have used their Warehouse Money credit card for the first time.
        View warehousemoney.co.nz/referafriend for full terms and conditions. Credit criteria and terms and conditions apply, visit warehousemoney.co.nz.

        **Some exclusions apply, visit warehousemoney.co.nz/exclusion


          Typical of the warehouse, vague as always.


          1. The Promoter is TW Financial Services Operations Limited (“TWFSOL”), 109 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland.
          2. The promotion period begins on 19 May 2017 till 15 July 2017 (“Promotional Period”).
          3. For the referrer to be eligible for the $50 The Warehouse gift card ("gift card"), you must:
          a. hold an active Warehouse Money credit card, and the account cannot be in arrears or overdue; and
          b. ensure your referred friends enter the unique code we sent you in the mail when they fill out an application; and
          c. are fully approved no later than 20 days after the promotional period ends (4 August 2017).
          4. If the referrer is eligible, the gift card will be mailed to the main cardholder's postal address within 20 business days after the referred friend has been approved, no later than 40 days after the promotional period ends (24 August 2017).
          5. For the referred friend to be eligible for the $50 The Warehouse gift card ("gift card"), you must:
          6. apply for a Warehouse Money credit card during the promotional period using the unique code provided by the referrer; and
          7. be fully approved; and
          8. spend on your card no later than 20 days after the promotional period (4 August 2017).
          9. If the referred friend is eligible, the gift card will be mailed to the main cardholder's postal address within 20 business days after the first spend has been made on the credit card.
          10. Purchases are any transactions other than a Cash Advance, Balance Transfer, loan repayments, credit card repayment, insurance premiums, fees and interest and excludes Purple Dollar redemption, purchase refund or charges that are under dispute or are fraudulent.
          11. All credit card applications will be assessed in accordance with Warehouse Money’s standard approval process. Warehouse Money is not obliged to accept an application.


    Can more than one person sign up from a single code?


      As it says it is a unique code, I suspect it is one code per person. So it doesn't look like the code can be used by 10 people, and you then get a $500 voucher. But I could be wrong.


    Thanks for the edits and the comments to make this easier to understand.


    I also received this offer. Hopefully mother in law is getting a card - no fees so no downside. Double checking we login in to our account and enter our code under Referrals > Warehouse Money ? Thanks


    Does anyone want to refer me to get the $50 + $50? Maybe we can split the referral credit.

    Please PM with suggestions.


    Can two people living at the same address sign up? I want to refer my partner so we both get a $50 gift card. We are fine having separate accounts/cards.

    Also, where do you get your referral code from? I only just signed up for a card for the $60 credit - do I have to wait to get an email with a referral code for my partner to use?


    I have a referral code for warehouse money $50 giftcard

    • Please add it to the referral system by clicking the edit button on the right hand side of the grey box above.

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