expired 6 Months Free Broadband on 24 Month $95 Unlimited Data Broadband Plan @ 2Degrees


6 months free broadband. Ready, set, stream.
With our 24 month $95 Unlimited Data Broadband Plan.
(Speed up to 100/20Mbps).

Broadband Plan offers: 
$30 modem & delivery fees & early exit fee of $99-819 may apply.
Broadband not available everywhere. For a limited time. New & eligible existing customers only. Plan fee only. Not available with other offers. Additional charges may apply to non-standard installations. T&Cs apply, see 2degreesbroadband.co.nz.

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    Spark is also $95 a month for naked vdsl with only netflix as a benefit by the looks. So in comparison, 2D is really cheap for Vdsl. "We’ll give you the best connection available at your home" but do they install it for your address if it's avaliable, vdsl, fibre etc?

    After looking througt the page more I saw this:
    "We'll give you the best connection available at your home, even Ultra-fast Fibre (up to 100/20Mbps), for the same monthly price"

    This looks like an all round good deal for everyone except maybe the adsl users!


    18x$95=$1710. Over 24 months that works out to $71.25 per month.
    Still not the best deal, compare at:
    There are some cheaper deals without the 24-month lock-in, although some stuff wouldn't be available nationwide.


      Just had a look and skinny seems to be slightly cheaper over 24 months (1710-1682 = $28 cheaper, it has a $50 connection fee I included in my calculations) and becomes cheaper each month after that. This deal is still good imo.

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      It may not be the best price wise, but 2Degrees have a really good network - good bandwidth, good peering nationally and internationally, ipv6, local caches, etc. Have hardly experienced any slow downs in the years ive been with Snap and now 2Degrees.

      It's hard to compare broadband plans these days with benchmark matrics and anecdotal reviews. Especially when its all going to the same technology and every plan is unlimited, in particular if you're on fibre. But not every 100mbps plan is going to offer the same experience, just like how not every 2L engine in a car is the same. The setup of them can be very different.


        I'm with 2 degrees VDSL, and I find their performance not as good as bigpipe.

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          I had the opposite experience, I have Gb fibre with 2degrees but was originally with Bigpipe. I find general browsing and downloading to be faster with 2degrees than I did with Bigpipe. I also had constant timeouts with the Bigpipe DNS and had to use Google's servers.


          @quasar: Yeah some friends had a similar experience. They were in a place with 2Degrees UFB, moved out and into another place. In the new place they went with Bigpipe UFB because it was cheaper, but changed to 2Degrees UFB after they found international latency much higher on the bigpipe service.


          @eXDee: I'm in Dunners as well, maybe they just don't like us down here! The lack of local POP doesn't help with the latency either. They made an announcement almost 12 months ago stating that they'd started working on deploying local POPs, I asked them before I switched to 2D earlier this year if they had a deployment date and refused to answer citing commercial sensitivity.


    If you're eligible for fibre you'll get $300 credit via Vodafone on a 12 month contract. (please note, not fibrex but normal fibre)


    We've signed up to a really good deal last month from a Spark door-to-door seller for a 12 month plan. They gave us a $20 per month discount on their $94.99/m Unlimited VDSL naked plan, and also a further $300 sign up bonus.

    We had to pay $14.99 for delivery of the new modem. But for the next 12 months it'll work out to be only $49.99/m for Unlimited VDSL.

    I called the Spark help desk to confirm if the deal was legit, she checked the order number and confirmed that she would be able to honour that deal. Told her we'd already signed up with the door-to-door seller, but just wanted to be sure it wasn't a scam.