expired Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 $159 @ Warehouse Stationary (in-Store Only)


Spotted this in my local Warehouse Stationary on Saturday. These were on clearance for $199 but now have a $159 (20% off) ticket.

I assume this is part of their Easter 20% off sale despite being clearance.

This is one of the best value handsets you'll find at this price locally - IMO

It isn't online anymore so I assume it is just what stock stores have left.

Long thread on Geekzone about the handset here -

5.5" 1080p IPS display
13MP camera
5MP front camera with smile detection
1.5GHz Octa core Snapdragon 615
3,000mAh battery with Quick Charge
Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
16GB internal storage + Micro SD slot (Supports exFAT)
Double tap to wake
Full app permissions manager
Cat4 4G up to 150Mbps
Home button doubles as a notification light
Made by ZTE

Warehouse Stationery

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    My partner got one of these about Sep 2015 and I got one about Feb 2016. We got them as they were best value for specs we could find locally. Nice big screen, good speed, just overall great phone UNTIL my partners phone started randomly glitching out after about a year.

    Ghost touches, screen wouldn't respond sometimes, the on screen back, home buttons would often not work. Got worse over time so took back to Noel Learning after 13 months, the reseller in NZ tried to reject at first but Noel Learning sent it back and they ended up giving a replacement.

    Then a couple months later my phone started doing similar things and had white/grey dots around edge of entire screen which only noticed when screen off. Looked online and it's apparently quite a few others had similar issues with faulty screens. Luckily I eventually got a replacement with a smart Ultra 7.

    We both sold the replacement phones as we had bought new Huawei during boxing day sale, didn't want to risk same thing happening again.


      My wife's had a dead spot on the letter 'e' after 7 months. So they replaced with a ultra 7.hoping to sell it off.


      "had white/grey dots around edge of entire screen"
      Mine has that too! I just figured it came from a zip in my pocket or something, because thats exactly what it looks like, a zip mark! Might have to take it back and see if I can get an upgrade ;)


        At the time I thought it was because bits of dust somehow got under the screen while in my pocket, but realised the dots were too uniform around the edge of the screen to be random. Found online others with same issue and knew it was a manufacturer fault. Plus I had other issues like the back button not working.

        Yeah you should take it back and try to get a free upgrade to an Ultra 7 (hopefully they don't try to give another Ultra 6 lol).


    This phone has been on clearance at The Warehouse store for $150 for a while. I remember seeing a promotional period where buy a clearance item get another free. So essentially making it only $75 each for this phone. Amazing deal.

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