Posting Guidelines on eBay Items

Items sold on eBay are often posted on ChoiceCheapies. These are the rules for eBay postings on ChoiceCheapies.

  • Must be BIN (Buy it Now). In other words, no auctions.
  • Overseas users will not be able to post eBay deals.
  • Must have a quantity of 10 available.
  • Store representatives and regular users are able to post non-group buy deals only if the seller is a Top rated seller, or if the seller has an online store domain.

Must Have a Buy It Now Price

Due to the nature of auctions, the current bid price is not a true reflection of what the final price will be, and therefore we cannot tell whether an item is a bargain purely based on the current bid price. Therefore for all eBay items listed on ChoiceCheapies there must be a Buy It Now (BIN) price, and together with the delivery cost will be the basis to determine whether the item is a bargain.

No Posts from Overseas Users

Most overseas users are representatives of companies. By banning all overseas users, this prevents undeclared reps (and 1 post wonders) from posting eBay deals.

Must Have a Minimum of 10 in Quantity

An eBay listing with very low quantity is not a bargain because it has very limited usefulness to ChoiceCheapies members.

Group Buy Deals

As of September 2015, eBay Group deals can now be posted before they are active. The deal should be marked as [NOT ACTIVE] in the title until it is active.

Non-reps / regular users are able to post non-group buy deals only if the seller is a Top Rated Seller.

A top rated seller meets the following eBay standards:

  • Must consistently earn top ratings from eBay buyers for delivering excellent service, posting items quickly for a reasonable price, and providing accurate item descriptions.
  • Must sell $3,000 or more and complete a minimum of 100 selling transactions on eBay every year.
  • Are regularly reviewed by eBay for compliance with these standards.

An exception is where the seller already has an online store. In this case, the deal can be posted if the 'alternative store domain' (under the deal URL) is set at the time of posting.