Polls are part of the discussion forums, where the OP of a discussion topic can create. They can be used to ask other members of ChoiceCheapies for opinions, by providing a list of possible options where other members can vote on.

A typical use of polls is “help me to choose between <option A>, <option B> and <option C>” kind of question, where a poll of 3 options can be created. Other members can then vote on one of the 3 options.

Who can create polls?

Currently, any user that can create forum discussion topics can create polls. That means users in penalty boxes won't be able to create polls (except polls in the Talk with a Moderator forum).

How to create polls?

Use the following instructions to create polls.

  1. In Discussion Forum page, click on Post New Topic.
  2. After entering in subject and body of the new discussion topic, open up the Poll Settings fieldset. There are two fields to fill up to create a poll.
    • Poll Options: A multiline text-area. Put each poll option on its own line. Some Markdown syntax can be used.
    • Expiry: When the poll will expire.
  3. Submit and your poll options will be displayed.

Do note that once a poll has been submitted, it cannot be changed. In order to change the poll (having mistakes, adding/removing an option, etc), please use the Report button to contact the moderators.

Who can vote on polls?

Currently all users except those in penalty box can vote on polls, provided that

  • The poll hasn't expired.
  • User hasn't already voted on this poll.