NSFW Deals

“NSFW” (usually short hand for "Not Safe for Work") is a flag that moderators can set on deals or stores to indicate that the specific deal or all deals from that store are potentially “not safe for work”, i.e.

  • Might contain nudity
  • Might contain other pictures with excessive amount of flesh
  • Might contain material that the moderators think would would embarrass you if you open the link at work

By default, NSFW deals will not be shown on

  • ChoiceCheapies front page
  • New deals page
  • Category deals page

On other pages, an overlay will be shown on top of the image to mark the deal as “NSFW”.

Opting Out

If you want the NSFW deals to be shown on all listing pages without the overlay, you need to explicitly opt-out from it. You need to

  • Be a logged in user. Anonymous users/visitors of ChoiceCheapies cannot opt out from NSFW deals
  • Go to the New deals page
  • Click on “Preference”
  • Make sure the option “Show deals marked as NSFW” has been checked
  • Save the preference

Feedback & Discussion

If you have any suggestion regarding the NSFW feature and moderation on ChoiceCheapies, please contact a moderator.