Media File Uploader

When there is no direct link to the bargain or information supporting the bargain, you can use the media file uploader. To upload files,

  1. Go to “My Account” → “view / files”
  2. Click on “Upload New Files”
  3. Select an image file by hitting the browse button. The following file types can be uploaded GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF.

Your files page will also list out all your previously uploaded files. When you hover your mouse cursor over an image, a link will appear to let you post that image as a Deal.

When should you use Media File Uploader?

Generally, you should only post an image or a file as a deal when there is no direct URL to the bargain you wish to post. For example,

  1. The voucher comes in either an image or a PDF format.
  2. You took a picture while you are at the store, and the product is not available on that store's website.
  3. Your receipt from merchants to allow others to price match (but please remove your credit card information).

In some situations there is an URL to the deal but it might still be a good idea to use media file uploader. For example,

  1. The page you are trying to post contains unique personal identification. For example an email newsletter from a merchant. In this case you might wish to do a screenshot of the web page, remove the personal information, and post the screen shot instead.

When you SHOULD NOT use Media File Uploader?

Here are some common mis-use of Media File Uploader when posting deals:

  1. Upload a product image or company logo. Please link DIRECTLY to the product page or company home page.