Guide for Third-Party Site Operators

Price comparison/tracking, product review, broker agencies, cashback providers or similar website operators may wish to post deals on ChoiceCheapies. This is permitted as long as the below requirements are met.

Deal posting guidelines

If you wish to post a deal that contains a link to your third-party website, please take note of the following guidelines in addition to the usual Deal Posting Guidelines:

  • The main URL of the deal must point to the store itself, not the third-party website. The only exception where the deal can be linked to the third-party site is if everything specified in the deal title is only obtainable through the third-party site and not directly from the store.
  • If the deal is linked to the store and you wish to link or mention your site, place the link to the relevant page of your website at the bottom of the description.
  • Please select your third-party website from the store association drop-down input field. If your site has never been featured on ChoiceCheapies, you can request moderators to set it up as a third-party site by submitting a request via TWAM and set you up as a representative of that site. From then on, the option for your website will appear as an option.
  • Such deals are subject to posting limits determined by vote average of past 'Third Party' deals, which are the same store rep posting limits for the third-party site. To see your posting limits, click on 'My Account', then choose 'posts' in the secondary horizontal navigation bar. There should be a warning message at the top if you have already reached your limit.
  • You are not required to declare association on any deals that you post that do not mention or link to your third-party site. Such deals are not subject to posting limits.
  • Do not ask solicit subscriptions for your ChoiceCheapies user profile or for your ChoiceCheapies store profile (in your deal description or by any other means).

Commenting guidelines

In addition to the usual Commenting Guidelines, some specific rules apply.

  • Site operators can not post comments in deal or forum posts with links to their own site.
  • Site operators can not post comments in deal or forum posts that contain affiliate or referral links.
  • Site operators may, however, post direct, non-affiliated links to a store with the cheaper price.