Fast Food Hacks

This page is a collection of fast food hacks from this thread. Feel free to add more to this page.


  • Use coupons (check CC), makes everything so much cheaper. You only need the number at every KFC i've been to, either memorize it or write it down if you want to save time. The numbers are PLUXXXC or W, the are located in small writing at the bottom. Although it says limited to one coupon, KFC staff will generally let multiple, but don't overdo it, if you want more than two, just get the mate behind you to order, as long as it's a different customer.
  • Added sauce in burgers is always free. Added fillings are 50c or $1 for bacon and hashbrown. All burgers can be bought in Zinger for no charge.
  • Chips are $4.50 large or $3 regular, in a combo it only costs $1 to upsize chips to large.
  • KFC have the most inconsistent pricing. For example: You want large chips and a gravy? $7.50 thanks. Or just get a wrap lunch ($5), change the drink to gravy (50c) and upsize the chips ($1) for a total of $6.5, and you get a wrap (it costs $1.5 to do this so it's cheaper or same price for all the lunch boxes but the snack lunch).
  • Want a Krusher and just some chips? (Large ones $9.40, regular $6). A wrap lunch ($5) with the drink changed to Krusher is $6 ($6.50 for large Krusher, and $7.50 for large both). If you want both large getting literally any lunch box with the chips upsized and drink changed to Krusher (costs $2.50 extra) is cheaper than buying them separately. It costs $1 to change a drink to a regular Krusher, $1.50 for large.
  • This one may have changed, I don't know the new price of regular drinks, they used to be $2.20, if they are still under $2.50, this applies.– If you buy a lunch box (or any combo) with an extra side and want a regular drink, it is cheaper to change out your drink (50c vs $3 for a new side) and then add a new drink on ($2.20).
  • Snack boxes are nearly the worst value ever. The only reason to buy on is if you are buying ONLY that. Want gravy or another side as well? Buy a popcorn lunch (if you are getting popcorn snack boxes, use the corresponding lunch box) and swap out a side, it'll be $1 cheaper, you get more chips, more popcorn chicken and an extra side.
  • Unless you're buying 20+ pieces of chicken, it's expensive to buy it by itself, a Colonels lunch is the same price as two pieces (free chips), 6 pieces of chicken is $18, $2 more and you get large P&G and large chips.
  • Cheese snack burgers are $3.90, normal snack burger with cheese added on is $3.40.
  • You can't upsize anything buy chips and drinks.
  • You can't change out you side for anything but another side (it's impossible on the till and can technically get employees fired).
  • You can change out any sides for $1.
  • If your meal is wrong, complain, you may get free stuff depending on the store (especially if you left and came back 10 min later). KFC have staff that are the worst at packing. If you ring up, KFC will generally have a book with a list of names and stuff to give them if they come in.
  • If the store is empty, and you feel like being annoying to save money, the burgers (except BBQ bacon) are cheaper if you build them out of a snack burger (except sometimes promo):
  • (A colonel/zinger burger which is $7.90) Snack burger ($2.90) + fillet ($3.20) [you need to make sure you ask for it in the burger, it's not an option on the screen, they may say no, just do it yourself] + tomato (50c) + onion (50c) (total $7.10).
  • (Tower burger which is $8.90) Snack burger ($2.90) + fillet ($3.20) + cheese (50c) + hashbrown ($1) + tomato mustard sauce (free) (total $7.60).
  • (Hawaiian burger which is $8.90) Snack burger ($2.90) + fillet ($3.20) + cheese (50c) + bacon ($1) + pineapple (50c) + BBQ sauce (free) (total $8.10).
  • Reg chips + reg chips = large (give or take a few, depending on server) and reg drink + reg drink = large. You can ask for the these to be combined, some people say no. This means if you don't want a drink you can make your chips large by changing it to a regular chips, for example.
  • If you get a combo and want a side, swap the drink to a side and buy the drink separately. eg. 3 piece 1/4 pack = $12.50 + $3.00 for another reg chips (I know it would be a better ideal to upsize but this is an example). That's $15.50. 3 piece 1/4 pack = $12.50, swap the drink to chips = $13.00 + $2.20 drink = $15.20.


  • If you want fresh fries, ask for them with no salt and then ask for some salt sachets.
  • If you want freshly made food, ask for slight variations.
  • If you want something slightly changed about your order (e.g. No Cheese, Extra Sauce) ask for it, they normally won't charge.


  • If you don't like crispy bread but want the cheese melted try a microwaved sub instead of toasted.
  • Extra salad is free.
  • Get a birthday voucher on the day set on your subcard/online profile for a free cookie and a 600ml Coke or 750ml Pump with any sub. Valid for 10 days to redeem. Also you get the od
  • The odd free extra email is sent out to SubCard owners which should look something like 'FREE COOKIE With any sub, flatbread, salad or wrap purchased before 31/10/2016' etc


  • Some extra toppings are free, add chilli flakes, basil or/and oregano to your pizza for free.
  • Sauces case 50c. If you like a particular sauce it’s only 50c.
  • Often pizza is cheaper when you swap out ingredients from a normal then when you design one yourself.

Burger Wisconsin

Hell Pizza

  • The code 'WEDNESDAY' gives something free on Wednesdays (it changes every month).