Mega Mac vs Big Mac with 2 extra patties

Does anyone know if the Mega Mac actually has extra special sauce compared to the Big Mac? Because if it doesn't, it seems to be expensive compared to a Big Mac with 2 extra patties. With the CYT machines, it's easy to see costs and at least with my McDonalds, it's $1 per extra patty, $5.90 for a Big Mac and $8.30 for a Mega Mac.

So you can get a Big Mac with 2 extra patties for $7.90. The Mega Mac doesn't have extra cheese and the only other thing which costs to add is extra Big Mac sauce. I guess if it has extra lettuce or onion and it's more than "extra" with a Big Mac, or you want "extra" on your Mega Mac and that's more than "extra" on the Big Mac then there's a difference. But I'm thinking there's probably no difference at all and it's just weird pricing from McDonalds or at least my local McDonalds.

The Double McChicken at least is the same or better than a McChicken with an extra patty IIRC. Not sure about Fillet O'Fish or Double Quarter Pounder.




    Does a mega mac have extra bread? Does the mega mac have a larger diameter? Also they have different weights/thickness of patties eg. Hamburger patty vs quarter pounder patty.