expired Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax, Gold Class, NXT, Soft $24.99, NULON Coolant 5lt $36.99 @ Repco


Repco's new catalogue has some good deals for car cleaning stuff and coolant.

A tip from 4agte about the difference of these products:

Gold - use this if you apply paste wax or sealants. It leaves nothing behind that alters the look of your wax

NXT - similar to gold but has different detergents that breakup dirt better. Better for dirtier cars

UW&W - doesn't really have wax but glossing agents which leave a just waxed looked. Does add some slight protection. Great for non protected cars or those that need paste wax reapplied soon. Acts like a booster for the wax

Soft - a good shampoo but consider any of the others above better

Similar prices to Supercheap's deal 1.5 years ago.

Via nocure on OzBargain albeit a lot cheaper in Australia.

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