expired Spotify Premium - $0.99 for First 3 Months


After almost 6 months, this offer finally returns. For those who have not tried premium already. $12.99/month afterwards, though you can cancel anytime. Neither prepaid cards nor Spotify gift cards can be used as a valid payment method for this offer.

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Previous offer from June 2016
Previous offer from November 2015
ykwon10 via OzBargain


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    Note you'll need a fresh credit card/Paypal account if you want this deal, Spotify knows which cards were used before (which is why I think prepaid cards/gift cards cannot be used).


    I'd suggest the family deal if you haven't seen it already. Up to 6 users I think it is, for $20 per month. Works out at around $5 each for our family and is on going, no 3 month limited time deal.