Cheapies Wellington Meetup - October 30th 2016

So with the Ride for Free on All Wellington Metlink Trains on 30 October deal coming up, I've decided to return to Wellington for the first time in a long time. A few users have asked about a meetup/meet and greet before, so the site is probably mature enough now to look at that happening.

For now, just a show of hands (Poll vote) who would be interested in this, to get an idea of numbers for shirts, which I will be bringing down with me.

If you are interested, comment below or vote in the poll, just so I can get an idea of how many might be around and, if you want, put your shirt size so I can bring one for you without having to guess.

For people who aren't in Wellington, feel free to vote the second option and comment your city below, if we get enough interest from other cities, I can look at grabbing a cheap flight for the day and work something out for a later date.

Cheers, and will see some of you soon.

Poll Options

  • 5
    Yes I would love to attend a meetup in Wellington.
  • 7
    Yes I would love to attend a meetup, but I am in Auckland.
  • 0
    Yes I would love to attend a meetup, but I am in Christchurch.
  • 4
    Yea I would love to attend, but I am somewhere else.
  • 1
    No thanks, I prefer my face be kept strictly behind a monitor.


  • +1

    Would like to go, but I can't make it on that day ):

    • +1

      No worries, if it goes well, will look at doing another next year.

  • "put your shirt size so I can bring one for you without having to guess." Well, that could be fun!

    • without having to guess.

      Basically means I stuff as many M and L as I can fit into a bag and hope they fit.

      • +2

        Based on the number of fast food deals on here, I think you're going to need some bigger shirts : P

        • Ha yea, probably. Will take down about 10 various sized ones. So far the only person who has expressed they will be coming is Singh, so that will be easy!

  • "Yes I would love to attend a meetup, but I am in Auckland." Man, thats not what I voted for! (o well)

    • Change it now, I edited the options after the fact.

      • Oh, it wouldn't let me change my choice before.. Well at least I don't think it did

        • Your aren't going crazy, I set it to allow changing after reading your content.

  • Would be nice to go, but I have work that day so won't be able to make it. Have fun everyone.

  • Would be great for a meet event, to get a nice shirt. Medium size for me

    • Sweet, I'll be at the city train station at 12.

  • I would go but my free train leaves Wellington station just before 10am… not sure whether to be :) with my free train or :( about missing the meetup, argh!

    • Which direction are you going in?

      Nevermind, Wairarapa, I see. Was thinking about going that way originally, but then changed plans.

  • Is the meetup happening in Wellington?
    If so, I'm very keen but where are we meeting etc.?

    • Probably out the front of Wellington Station, or inside if it's raining. My wife and I will have our shirts on, so shouldn't be too hard to spot.

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