expired NBA League Pass 2016-2017: $150CAD (~$156NZD) via Canada VPN ($339.99 Locally)


Copied from OzBargain:

SBOB on 28/09/2016 - 21:24 watch.nba.com (958 clicks)
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Its that time of year again..
NBA League Pass is open again for 2016-2017!

You can sign up locally for a pretty un-ozbargain $330, or you can sign up via a VPN to Canada for under $150
Ever so slightly cheaper via some other countries, but Canada is the easiest when it comes to VPN options

Getflix VPN works, but other ways to 'be' in Canada involve
- Windscribe which use a freemium model. You can still connect to the Canada VPN with a free account: https://windscribe.com/
- new version of Opera browser, which now has a VPN built into it: http://www.opera.com/blogs/desktop/2016/04/free-vpn-integrat...
(thanks to reddit for those tips)

Also, no longer is there a Standard and Premium sign up, so better value than last year as its effectively all 'premium' level,
Benefits are:
- IN-GAME HIGHLIGHTS - More of the action you love at your fingertips. - Interactive Play-by-Play for each game.
- NEW MOBILE FEATURES - Watch games in Mobile View for an easier to watch, zoomed-in experience.

Cheaper than last year
(also a good thread for any questions which have likely already been answered)

Works out to be $156NZD which is much better than paying $339.99NZD!

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    vpn to avoid taxes isn't really a deal, its more illegal. whats next, best p prices on tor

    • +1 vote

      vpn to avoid taxes


      It's not really anything to do with the taxes… People have been doing this with Netflix for years.

      • -1 vote

        Make no mistake this is 100% illegal, especially with the new legislation in place to tax online companies. Will you get caught, probably not - but that doesn't change the fact.


        the new law thing started cple a days ago (or in a cple of days) sure we are getting ripped off by taxes and there is no way i agree geo blocking is right, just thought that this site should stay nice and legal.

        I mean free streaming is even cheaper, and just taking items of food from the shelf….


          I'm going to have a chat to the other mods and get their opinions before deciding what to do about the deal.


    Im just surprised someone would be willing to spend that to watch basketball, AT HOME.. Good deal tho

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