New Choice Cheapies Mascot?

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I think this guy is fittingly great for this site as the mascot like the Trademe kiwi
What do you think? Should he be up there next to the site name?

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    This is me to and from the site everyday
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    🤑 Money-Mouth Face


  • +1

    Can you make 🤑 an option? He's my fav mascot!

    • +1

      i can't see that one, it's just a square with stuff in it??

      • Depends on what device your using. See the image here

      • Same, not visible

        • +1

          lol, yeah i think ascii is better though, plus its about the feels more than the money.

          I'm using Firefox on a pc

        • @Huntakillaz:

          about the feels more than the money

          Yeah, money is a part of it, but more the 'thrill of the hunt' and the opportunity to share with others.

    • btw can't edit a poll once created.

      • Updated it.

  • agree, best emoji ever. well, on par with the shruggie guy

  • This kaomoji (specialised class of emoji) is memetically known as 'Happy Gary', appearing online around 2013/2014.

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