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Pebble Time $99US ($149NZ), from Pebble Store, Free Postage (iPhone App Required)


I saw this on Ozbargain. I purchased a Pebble time a while ago through the SmartWatch Pro app and found that you could get $50 off. Pebble have just lowered their prices so I wouldn't be surprised if the app deal is stopped soon.

To get the deal:
1. Download the Smart Watch Pro app for iPhone
2. Open the app and press the get up to fifty dollars off pebble button.
3. You then are redirected to the Pebbles Website with the Fifty dollars applied.

The seal does not work with Pebble time Rounds however they are already $50 off. Also Classic Pebble and Pebble Steel get $20 off. Pebble time steel is $50 off through the app but recently discounted.

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  • Any way for you to generate a code for me? Not keen to buy the app

    • Sorry, it doesn't work by generating codes. Its still 6.49 for 50 dollars off so it is differently a good buy.

    • You can quite often buy an app, use it for up to an hour then contact Apple support to get a refund - say you "brought the wrong app", or "it doesn't run well on my device". This is discretionary to the rep though so don't abuse it.

      • That might, but the app is still great to have on a pebble, probably worth the price without the discount.

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