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Cheapies.nz Valentines Day Sop-a-Thon - 10 * $20 Prizes - Write a Poem/Letter/Song



Closing Date 10/02/2016
Draw Date 11/02/2016


Description 10 x $20 Cash (Paypal/Giftcard)
No. of Prizes 10
Total Prize Pool $200.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

I had originally planned to offer a single prize for this competition, but since there was overwhelming support for more, smaller, prizes I decided to change it a bit.

The brief is pretty simple:

Your secret lover, cheapies.nz, has been a bit lonely this year, and wants some love. They want a letter, a poem, or a song, to show how much you truly (or falsely) love them.

You may be as creative as you like, there are no real limits to what you can submit, but please, just one entry per person.

The competition is open from now until midnight next Wednesday, the 10th, with the winners being announced the following day.

In the spirit of fairness, and because our team is made up of heartless ghouls (as some would have you believe), I will be getting my wife to do a blind vote on which she thinks are the top 10 entries, and those will be the winners.

Entry will be via comment below.

As always, if you have a friend or acquaintance who would be alright at producing a top quality entry, please do let them know.

Good luck!

Also note, entries may be used for marketing purposes.

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  • +2

    Where would I be without my cheapies.nz,
    My friends call me cheap,
    My family calls me frugal,
    But I know deep down inside that these are no dougall,
    As I save my money daily,
    of eating free muesli whilst sipping tea,
    and opening my laptop to cheapies.nz

    (FYI dougall is a word according to urban dictionary)

    • +1

      Urban dictionary, the official dictionary since 2016.

      • +1

        Ha yea, Oxford is so 2015.

  • +1

    if u want things cheap and free choice cheapies is the choice for you

  • +1

    Dear cheapies.nz

    I see the way you look at me, trying to tempt me with all your delicious bargains.
    First you gave me more printers than I could store, then you had me visiting Dick Smith twice daily for a week, something unheard of.
    You might say I would go to any length to accept your offerings,
    sometimes I drop everything just to check up on you,
    when I am without you I am unable to rest knowing there is possibly a bargain I am missing out on,
    I love you cheapies.nz, please don't leave me, I need you

    Love, Toddy47

    The true kiwi version:

    Dear cheapies.nz

    I see the way you look at me, trying to tempt me with all your sweet as deals.
    First you gave me more printers than I could store in my old man's Whare, then you had me hitchhiking to Dick Smith sometimes, far out the only time I would normally do this is for free piss
    You might say I am just up for your offerings,
    sometimes I might stop drinking to check you out,
    without you I do dumb shit like pay retail
    Your choice as cheapies.nz, yeah, nah, don't leave me, I need you

    Love, Kiwis everywhere

  • +1

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue
    Where would I find such deals…
    If it weren't for you?

    I look at you lovingly every day,
    What was my life like before this way?!
    Oh cheapies.nz, cheapies.nz,
    Just give me one chance… let me take you to bed!

  • +1

    Choice Cheapies…
    I fell deep in love when I first saw you,
    You save me heaps with your bargains and deals…
    It feels so wonderful to see your pleasant page..
    Makes me feel like checking you every minute, rather checking other place..
    Where would I be without your amazing savings,
    From automotive, electronics, to computing..
    You are the only one in the world for me,
    whose my love like freebies comes without price..
    Thank you cheapies for giving me so many free items,
    Like Hubbards, Tune Pockets and free Canon printers.
    I love visiting you, more than you'll ever know,
    My trust and love for your deals will always grow.

  • +2

    woohooo choice cheapies are the best

  • Choice cheapies
    Has lots of freebies
    On nice ebooks
    And items which improve your looks
    It has lots of deals
    On hot wheels,
    On things that help you sleep
    And things that beep

  • Whenever I want a great deal
    They're no other places I would look
    With you, the bargains are great
    You are the shopper's best mate
    They'll even say this is fate
    Forever by my side
    Have always my guide
    Love, and Choice Cheapies

  • Choice Cheapies
    Everyday I wake up to your deals. You draw me in and make me buy.
    It all started with countdown coupon codes, then competitions then cheap label makers. Even my husband welcomes my love for you, getting excited each time I send him a text for a deal.
    Roses are red and violets are blue,, choice cheapies brings the best deals to you.
    Have a wonderful Valentines Day Choice Cheapies

  • +1

    10 entries for 10 prizes good odds :D

    • Haha, nearly, still waiting on a few regulars to see if they are going to have a crack or not though. That includes you!

  • +1

    Choice cheapies you are an amazing website.

  • Here's my poem:

    I discovered ChoiceCheapies less than three weeks ago,
    its great to share deals on and to save a bit of dough.
    Visiting you several times daily is such a highlight,
    for I have fallen in love with your bargain hunting website.

    I've posted deals on old Christmas stock, cheap flights and vegetables and fruit,
    they even extend to $5 bus routes.
    Whether its a saving on pizza, a free box of muesli, or discounts on fuel,
    you help me remain so frugal.

    So thank you ChoiceCheapies, I love more than words can say,
    can you please keep bringing me the new deals everyday.

  • I wanna be a cheapie deft so freakin' bad
    Buying all the things I want on sale
    Uh, I wanna check the front page of cheapies dot nz
    Smiling when I see a good bargain

    Oh every time I close cheapies
    I seem to miss it straightaway
    Yeah, a different bargain every time and time again
    The stores better prepare
    For when I'm a cheapie deft

  • So, the winners are:

    Mark Wasley

    And since they are both pretty much the same, there was a tie between:

    RabbitJack and bennyapples

    So you will both get $10 each.

    Thanks for all the entries, some are quite well written.

    Please PM me with your Paypal addresses and I will get this paid to you before Valentines day, so you can shout yourself, or someone else, to something sweet.

    • Thanks for the great prize

      • Pleasure, go buy something choice mate!

  • Thanks Shaw for organising my prize.

    • No problem dude, enjoy it!

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