Chasing the best deals on kitchenaid gear.

Our kettle is on its way out (leaky) and my girlfriend doesn't want to replace it with anything she didn't like. She recently spotted a Kitchenaid kettle in mint green (possibly pistachio?) that she likes, but of course we would need to get the matching toaster, blender and mixer too.

Wondering if any of you have seen any good deals on these? Thanks.


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    Prob not the answer you want, but buying a product or even a series of products based purely on looks is not really a good idea. Even if the brand is good, there are models or products that are known to be poorly made, or poor quality. There are also a lot of negative reviews that you can read up on certain products too. I get the idea of products following a certain theme or colour range, but perhaps it's better to go for actually good products? And the chance of you getting a good deal on everything would probably be low. Personally, I buy good products whenever they go on sale, and I don't necessarily care about matching them to the same brand, or same colour/theme, etc. Good products are good products and they last a long time, which beats having to replace them constantly and is a waste of money. Just my 2 cents.

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      I'm 100% with you on buying quality. That's always been my mantra and my wife hates it when I spend ages looking at options, comparing specs and reading reviews. But that's just what I do and I suspect it's the reason many of us use this site.

      However, I will add that, having been married for ~20 years (and still happily so), there needs to be an element of compromise. If OP's partner is fixed on the green kettle that costs $150 and has a 2.4 star rating (I'm making this up), and you've gently explained your reasoning to no avail, then buy her the damn kettle. So long as you're not putting yourself in financial jeopardy by doing so, and there is more generally a healthy level of give and take between you, that is sometimes the cost of having a strong relationship.

      For many people, particularly many women, functionality, price and quality are genuinely not as important as how the thing makes you feel. A green kettle may very well make her smile inside every time she looks at it. That is worth more than $150 in my books.

      But as with everything … YMMV 🙃

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        Exactly this, we got the baby blue smeg kettle, we also have a instant hot water tap so kettle is never used but wife is proud of her matching kettle and toaster and has them out as display items.
        Sometimes you just have to roll with it.

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    I bought the matching set a few years ago, in the kitchenaid Black Friday sale. I think it was the 4 slice toaster and smart kettle for $350 delivered

    As someone who also spends hours reading reviews and researching prices before I buy anything I love them both.

    • Looks like it might be worth holding out for black friday

  • Maybe link to the products you're talking about OP.

    This one by chance?…

  • I got zojirushi micron instant dispenser type japanese water kettle from Japan made in japan for about 350ish including shipping along with tiger micron rice cooker which was around similar price 8 years ago , also made in japan best applicances i own still going strong , they are for overseas market so they are 220v -230 v

  • highly recommend the cordless Chopper and blender.

    Keep an eye out on, have had good prices from them in the past (+ free shipping)

    Debated getting the toaster, but feeling them in briscoes, the plastic didn't feel as sturdy as you'd hope.

  • To actually answer your question, those Briscoes 50% off everything friends and families stores are the time you will get the best discounts on KitchenAid.

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