TEMU Cashback Reductions

I have been actively keeping an eye on the top three cashback sites and all seem to be now offering nil to minimal cash backs on Temu.

Current Rates Below Best to Worst.

Cash Rewards 6%

Shop Back 3% (Previous highest rate 40% for all users and regularly 10-20% for sustained periods - 3% is a big drop on the previous regular rate.

Top Cash Back (Temu no longer listed -Previous highest rate was 50% cashback for all users uncapped)

Lets hope this isnt a new trend.


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    • TopCashBack stopped because of an issue on TEMU's end
    • CashRewards has 50% for new members at the moment.
    • ShopBack just did two events in the last ten days.

    Hopefully they're just having a bit of a break. Or it could be because of the issue highlighted above.

    Update: just found this comment

    Temu are having major tracking issues for all affiliate partners across multiple platforms.

    • This.

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