Hainan Airlines: Auckland to Osaka, Japan from $1026 Return (Jul-Sep) @ Beat That Flight


5-star airline to Osaka, Japan! Return fares include checked luggage, and all the frills of the 12th best airline in the world.

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Auckland - Osaka on Hainan

Dates: 16 Jul 24 - 30 Sep 24

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  • +1

    I just booked a flight to Europe on Hainan Airlines!!!

    Super pleased with finding my flights on your website.

    The 3rd party OTA's on the other hand, are straight nightmare fuel once again. I'm just glad it went through before I had a mental breakdown.

    • yeah, have to be careful working through them as they try to add in insurance and all sorts. But the prices are great!

      • My problem this time was after searching for hours and finding a really good deal for a flight that suited my dates, had one layover on the second leg instead of 4, and was 20% cheaper than the adjacent dates. When I finally selected it, entered my details and tried to pay, it kept on declining payment! It showed an error and just wouldn't go through no matter what I tried. Then I refreshed the search on BTF and THE ENTIRE FLIGHT WAS GONE. It just didn't exist anymore, and there were no Hainan options at all.

        Luckily, a few hours later, the flight came back again and it processed my payment.

  • oh you have a youtube channel? just 1 video though

    • +1

      I have a bunch of recorded ones that I need like a solid evening to upload :P

      • looking forward to seeing them. cheers!

  • Just got back from Japan based on one of your earlier posts via fiji airways.

    Thank you for the deals @beatthatflight - love your work.

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