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Hi all,

We are heading over to the USA (California / Nevada / Minnesota) in September for 3 weeks. We will be road tripping so would like to have data and not have to rely on wifi. (Have previously been city bound on trips so wifi reliance was sufficient and never had to bother with data.) We do not have phones that are compatible with eSims I don't think (iPhone 12 mini is newest/best phone between us).

What would you recommend? Just roam or is there some kind of local sim we should look for? Looking for options for both of us so we can communicate when apart too.

Thanks so much.


  • i have an upcoming trip in december to u.s as well. im planning to just get sims from the airport, i believe at&t is good with coverage but dont quote me on that.

    last time i checked there was a sim that cost around $90USD+ for a month of unli data

    would be keen to know what you guys end up doing/ get an update

  • We grab AT&T Sims when we do the states, easy as. Last time we got them from Walmart because they had some kind of exclusive deal.

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    Hi, according to Apple the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or later support eSIMs. You will fine with eSIM.

    In terms of what eSIM, I found these on ozbargain wiki:

    Verizon: eSIM | 30-day | 100GB | Free/$0 trial
    Visible by Verizon: eSIM | 15-day | Unlimited | Free/$0 trial
    T-Mobile: eSIM | 3-month | Unlimited | Free/$0 trial
    Google Fi: 7-day | Unlimited | Free/$0 trial

  • eSIM US Mobile was good uses T-Mobiles network.

  • i normally get a tmobile deal, unlimited data. $55…

  • Mint mobile, dont have to use ID to sign up

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