Christchurch Spa Pool Stuff Getting Liquidated on Trademe. I.e. 39x $1 Reserve Auctions for 5.0kw Spa / Small Pool Heat Pumps

Christchurch, Pick up only.

Skylark appears to be running a liquidation of 4 Seasons Christchurch

Most notable to me are the spa heat pumps.……

5.54kW heating with COP of 6.21 & 3.87 kW cooling a EER of 3.21 (an unusual capability)

40 of them at once $1 reserve. Current bids vairy from $1 to $125

Normal price of $2,519, I am picking that many will sell for well under $200. (really depends if a spa company decides to bid on the lot for resale).…

I understand that in general pool heat pumps have an integrated heat exchanger, so no need to deal with refrigerant piping like a normal split air-con. So if you are handy with plumbing, it could be a potential DIY job.

And price is so good it could be potentially re-purposed for some other application (Tropical fish pond etc). Potentially get 4x of them and use them to heat a big pool

Loads of other spa / BBQ / outdoor furniture stuff, even the forklift & a bunch of laptops going $1 reserve:…

I don't really know how to post this on the main page given they are auctions. But if I was in Christchurch I would be lapping up the opportunity to get some nice outdoor furniture, and a dirt cheap spa heatpump would likely motivate me to get a spa. 1/6th the normal heating costs…

Pickup only means it is no good to me living in the north island.

Anybody is welcome to post this on the main page, I just wasn't sure how given the requirement to post price and these being auctions.

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  • +1

    BBW or BBQ lol

    • lol. Fixed.

  • I already have an eye on some of that furniture :)

  • I've got an older spa already, wondering how challenging it is to swap in a heat pump like that

  • For clarity, I am not associated with this deal.

  • -1

    Been looking at some of the listings, and they are closing on higher side. Looks suspicious sometimes like ghost bidding, but I could be totally off here. And it could just be the demand.

    • I doubt anybody will be shrill bidding at a company liquidation auction run by a third party. Also there are still two entire pages of listings under $12.

      It seems like flipper94 has an autobid up to $750 on every remaining one of those heat pumps.

      I assume they are either going to resell them, either online, or by starting a spa company (perhaps they already have a spa company) given they retail for $2518, there is potentially decent margin in this.

      Seems I was a bit wide of the mark with my assumption the stuff would sell for peanuts.

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