Auckland to Bangkok, Thailand from $885 Return [Jul to Dec] on Hainan Airlines [2x Luggage] @ Beat That Flight


Hainan Airlines is just gold for Kiwis at present - especially on flights to China. This deal continues on from Haikou to Bangkok, Thailand!

You can also get accommodation in Bangkok starting at $5 a night!

Auckland to Bangkok on Hainan Airlines

Dates: 10 Jul 24 - 12 Dec 24

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  • Those who have flown Hainan airlines on one of these deals: what can you manage to do on a 10 hour layover in Haikou?

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      @zemien see @racecars254's comment below!

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    I just did this trip last month. I booked a room at the Haikou international airport on As soon as you walk out there is a shuttle bus that will take you directly to them for free and its a 5 min ride. Just be sure to download google translate and the chinese to english app to do it offline. I did not venture out and get a sim or anything.

    I was lucky enough to make a friend on the flight and she let me tag along on my flight in with her intown. The taxi's all use wechat payment and did not have change for cash. Was totally awesome and glad she let me tag along.

    On the leg back home I just slept at the hotel and had a shower as I was beat from Thailand. Thailand also has changed a lot from when I was there last back in 2018. Weed is legal if thats your thing, just as many of those as bars around town. Download the grab app for Thailand its a game changer. Uber / Uber eat on steroids is best as I can sum it up.

    Awesome cost effective trip. Seriously cheaper then trying to do a Queenstown trip.

  • Thanks for this OP!
    Just played around with dates directly on the Hainan Airlines website, and got very similar pricing straight through them.
    Albeit 20$ more compared to some of the OTAs, just gives me a sense of security.

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