Anyone Know How to Switch Kogan Mobile Physical SIM to E-SIM?

I can't find much information on the NZ based website

But the AU one has a AU number to call to complete the process.

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    don't think kogan mobile offers esim in NZ.

    • Ah that sucks

  • Sorry to jump on this thread - but does anyone else have the issue where successfully porting old 021 number to Kogan mobile. My calls come from 021 number now, but my txts still come from the Kogan 028 number (which is then confusing a lot of my contact recipients)?

    • No, have never seen that. That shouldn't happen, it's probably best to get in contact with their support as poor as it is.

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      Are you on iPhone?
      If so it could be to do with your iMessage settings (I had this problem with one of my kids accounts a few years ago).
      Check that the number for iMessage (under Messages in Settings) is the same as your phone number

    • I don't have any issues with 021 number with kogan. Have been using it for more than an yr now.

    • When did you switch? Looks like a porting error if it's under 48 hours ago. Try turning on and off flight mode for 10 sec and then restart your phone. If it doesn't help, try doing a Network Reset on your phone. Then do a the flight mode thing, then a restart. You'll lose all saved wifi details but it should fix your issue.

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      I bet it's an RCS issue and not a porting one - had this happen a couple of times to different people. Make sure your RCS settings in your SMS app are correct. If you're on iOS, I'm guessing the equivalent is iMessage as per the other commenter.

      • This could be it… just checked settings and never heard of it. Currently turned on and connected green for Kogan Mobile 028. Will turn off then? Why does this number still subsist though?

      • I think you have solved the problem for me ;) Thanks!

        Do i need to have RCS turned on?

        • Basically, turn it off and turn it back on again and it'll reassociate with your correct number :)

          No one needs it on, but it's a nice-to-have.

    • Yes but from an 027 number! Very odd

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