Cheap PSPlus? - Playstation

Does anyone know any cheap ways to get PSPlus now since Turkey is so expensive xD. Mine expired :/ kinda don't wanna so much as I don't use it much lol.


  • Nah. There have been no discounts to PS+ (outside of NZ and the US, where the discounted price is still much higher than other markets standard) since before Xmas (when mine expired).

    I was expecting to see a Chinese New Year special but nope.

    I use PSN Singapore. It used to always be one of the better ones - free games with sub, or 3 mths extra, or a good discount. Plus they'd often have PS+ games that other markets didn't get (and all titles are in multi language English, or have a English version available).

    Still not bad pricewise at full price compared to NZ. But nowhere near as good since the tiered subs started.

    • I see, I still have my turkey acct I think I might be able to use it but its still expensive xD

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