[PC] Free - Marvel's Midnight Suns @ Epic Games


The next Epic Mystery Game is coming out for all you Marvel fans - and it's a pretty good one!

Available for Free from 3am 7th June 2024 until 3am 14th June 2024

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Confront the darker side of the Marvel universe in an all-new Tactical RPG featuring Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Blade, and more.

Release Date: 2/12/2022

Credit to Taegukgi and Billbil-kun

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  • It's a terrible game IMO.

    • Yeah I didn't like it, feels like a mobile game ported to PC.

  • +4

    Thank you so much for posting these on the day they are active, rather than a week early when I'm likely to forget about them.

    (Yes, I know there is a reminder feature, but that requires a human to do something and humans like me can't be relied on)

  • i remember this game, i couldn't get into it.

  • +1

    Really enjoyed this game. Took a while to get into as it wasn't the X-COM type game I thought it was initially. Pulling off a level without getting hit was very satisfying.

  • Great game, it's a real time sink. It does get a bit repetitive but still fun. As someone else mentioned it's no xcom but fun all the same

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