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Weber Q 2000 Classic LPG BBQ $324 (Was $649) + $79 Shipping ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Mitre 10


Available in black or titanium. This brand seldom discounted to this level.

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Mitre 10
Mitre 10


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    Wow that's a great price. Wish they had the Baby Q's going, then could justify a second one for camping…

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    Damn, this is tempting…but is there anything actually wrong with my current BBQ…

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      ^ this is my dilemma haha

    • Sell your old and upgrade to new?

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    The Mitre 10 version of this doesn't include a temperature gauge in the lid which is annoying. But at that price, it's probably worth spending the difference on some sort of wireless temperature probe to monitor the oven or food temperature.

  • Tempting… but might be too big for 2 people.

    • +30

      I don't even think you would fit 1 person in this, let alone 2.

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        It's either Hansel or Gretel.

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • We have this size at home, household of 2. It's a great size. Small enough that it's not too big to cook just for us, but big enough that we can feed a crowd cleverly when we want to.

      • How do you manager to feed a crowd with it? Thanks.

        • Sausages, or a roast chicken or lamb. Not a huuuge crowd.

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          Half the crowd are vegetarians

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    I have used airpoints to get mitre10 gift cards to buy the bbq

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    Awesome deal. Grabbed one. Cheers Op

  • Aww crap missed it.. all gone :(

    • Try again now - I think you have to choose a store first.

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      I went with the black one. Just figured marks wouldnt show up as easily

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    Why do people like this over other bbqs like the big ones with multiple burners? Which are usually larger and can be cheaper ie https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/meteor-kaidun-gas-bbq-4-burne…

    • +1

      Camping, taking to the park, beach etc. Build quality.

      • The build quality on a Weber is 10x better too.

    • I have tried both
      build and cooking experience and cooks/taste better IMHO

    • +1

      These are very efficient on gas, and the alloy body retains heat and won't rust.

  • Costco has this model for $399 currently. Which I thought was a good price.

  • Looks like the only places with stock left are Ashburton and Timaru.

  • Costco have the Q Series cart for $199 currently ($70 cheaper than Mitre 10). They also have the Q2000 Classic for $399

    • Bunnings wairau sells this cart for $189

  • Purchased, payment went throu for click and colllect etc.

    Had mitre10 ring me to say sorry all out of stock…


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    Apparently they are coming back into stock this Wednesday (Said the woman at Westgate Mitre 10).

  • Thank you! Picked one up this weekend with the cart. Very happy with it so far. :)

  • Can anyone recommend a temperature gauge to install on the lid?

  • Back in stock in Dunedin.

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